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Year 7

Year 7

In Year 7 students learn how to conduct themselves in a Science laboratory to make sure they stay safe. They also learn the importance of interpreting the hazard symbols and how to use scientific apparatus with accuracy and precision. Students gain lots of laboratory experience through exciting experiments and demonstrations.

The different topics covered in Year 7 are the foundations for Key Stage 3 Science and are designed to develop students scientific knowledge and understanding in Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

Biology Topics

  •       Cells
  •       Reproduction
  •       Environment and feeding relationships
  •       Variation and classification

Chemistry Topics

  •       Acids and alkalis
  •       Simple chemical reactions
  •       The particle model
  •       Solutions

Physics Topics

  •       Energy resources
  •       Electrical circuits
  •       Forces and their effects
  •       The solar system and beyond

Finally the most important question that every Year 7 student wants to know is “Do we use Bunsen Burners.” The answer is YES!!!!!

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