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Reading at Home

As you are no doubt aware, reading is an essential life skill. It has been proven that an individual’s ability to read and understand a variety of information dramatically impacts upon their life chances.  It has also been recognised that reading widely and regularly is extremely beneficial in terms of writing skills and communication in general.

We are keen to support our students in developing their reading practice as well as foster an enjoyment of reading, which is important for educational as well as personal development. As such, we have invested in Accelerated Reader, a reading programme which will support all students’ reading in Years 7 and 8. The programme aims to:

  •        Motivate students of all ages and abilities to read more, suitable, challenging books;
  •        Raise reading standards;
  •        Diagnose problems and direct on-going reading practice;
  •        Develop a lifelong love of reading.

Students’ reading and comprehension has recently been assessed using Star Reading software and the results have produced a reading range (level) which enables students to select appropriately challenging books for their ability.

Students are required to read for a minimum of one hour per week and this will primarily take place within English lessons. However, as always, please encourage your child to read at home to support their progress.

Once students have finished their book, they will take a reading comprehension quiz in the academy library. An 85% pass rate demonstrates secure understanding of what they have read, which will ultimately lead to progress in reading.

How can I support my child’s progress?

  •       Encourage them to read regularly
  •       Talk to them about the book they are reading (plot, characters, themes)
  •       Access Home Connect and discuss future selections

Home Connect

The Accelerated Reader programme has a special feature called Home Connect, which you and your child can access outside of school from any computer with an Internet connection.  It allows you to access information about their progress in Accelerated Reader.


What can I find on Home Connect?

  •       Results of the quizzes my child has been taking
  •       ‘My Bookshelf’ which provides a record of what my child has been reading
  •       ‘AR Bookfinder’ which allows you to establish the level of specific book.
As well as selecting books from the school library, it is possible for you to buy books associated with the Accelerated reader programme. To search for books of a suitable age range, level and topic for your child, please visit www.arbookfinder.co.uk and use the advanced search feature.

To log in to Renaissance Home Connect

Website:         https://Ukhosted35.renlearn.co.uk/3291134/HomeConnect

User Name:    student computer access log on

Password:      PASS1


If you'd like to receive emails showing your child's quiz or test results, click the Email Setup link in

Renaissance Home Connect and follow the directions. To be sure these emails reach your inbox,

add homeconnectautodelivery@renlearnrp.com to your address book.


We envisage that Accelerated Reader will have a dramatic impact upon the way our students engage with reading. Your support is much appreciated and if you should have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s English teacher.