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Welcome to Science

Science at Swallow Hill

The science department at Swallow Hill believes that a high-quality science education provides students with the knowledge and skills needed to be successful in today’s age of information and innovation.  Science describes both how the world works now, and how it might in the future. Science at Swallow Hill Community College builds on a body of key foundational knowledge and concepts to teach students rational explanation, to encourage the development of a curiosity of natural phenomena, and to support an understanding of how science can be used to explain what is occurring and predicts how things will behave.

We promote the British Values of mutual respect, personal and social responsibility, the tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs, and democracy in science by engaging students with topics that raise ethical questions. By discussing the current hot-topics of science in the safe place that each classroom in Swallow Hill is, students are encouraged to voice their own opinions and to listen to, and respect, the opinions of others. For example, discussions of space exploration give students the opportunity to weigh the many pro’s and con’s and develop their own opinions. While space exploration stimulates the development of new technology and is driven by human curiosity, it uses funds that could otherwise be spent on healthcare or education.  Students learn how to listen to the ideas of their peers, and  respect those ideas that differ from their own.