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Welcome to Mathematics
We believe that maths should be exciting, relevant and easy. The maths team have pledged to do this for every student at Swallow Hill by delivering engaging lessons
We believe that Maths is the most important subject as it surrounds us in our everyday lives and teaches us valuable lessons that we all need in order to achieve success: Maths is about solving problems by breaking them down into various smaller and easier steps and then completing each step in order to reach the solution. This idea is relevant in every subject at school and can be applied to most situations in life. We believe that students who can successfully learn to do this will leave Swallow Hill equipped to achieve great things in all aspects of their lives.
The Mathematics Curriculum
All students study four hours of Maths per week. At various points throughout Years 7 to 11 a range of intervention activities are provided to support students in their mathematical learning. This support is targeted to individual students and is topic specific.
Key Stage 3 (Years 7 & 8)
As an AET academy we follow the AET maths ‘Key Stage 3 solution’. This plan lays out the topics that will be covered by students depending upon their starting points and their target grades. All students will cover the same topics but the level that they work at is based upon their prior knowledge and achievement.
Topics covered are
Integers, powers and roots
Sequences, functions and graphs including coordinates
Geometrical reasoning: lines, angles and shapes
Construction and loci
Ratio and proportion
Equations, formulae, identities and expressions
Measures and mensuration including area
Mental calculations and checking
Written calculations and checking
Processing and representing data; Interpreting and discussing results
Solving problems
Fractions, decimals and percentages
Statistical enquiry
Key Stage 4 (Years 9, 10 & 11)


There are two GCSE tiers available to ensure that as many candidates as possible have the opportunity to gain high level grades at GCSE. The higher tier examination covers grade 9-4 and the foundation tier examination covers grades 5- 1. Students will be entered onto the tier which best suits their ability. KS4 starts in Y9. The Rodillian SOW  is currently being used.


 The course is designed to enable candidates to:

· Consolidate basic skills and meet appropriately challenging work

 · Apply mathematical knowledge and understanding to solve problems

 · Think and communicate mathematically precisely, logically and creatively

· Appreciate the place and use of Mathematics in society and apply mathematical concepts to situations arising in their own lives

· Understand the interdependence of different branches of Mathematics

· Work co-operatively and independently



New 9-1 grades. Both GCSE tiers are assessed by 3 written examination papers in May/June of Year 11. This accounts for 100% of the GCSE. POST 16 OPTIONS A good grade in mathematics is an essential qualification for many different careers paths. To Study A level mathematics pupils will usually need a grade 3 (B) or higher at GCSE.

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Maths Challenge
We take part in the national maths challenge twice a year. The aim of this national competition is  to promote excellence in mathematical thinking. Every year we have a high number of students who achieve at the highest level.