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The current Year 11 continue to study Law in 2016-17 but it has been discontinued as an option.

GCSE Law follows the AQA specification.

Units of work:

·         Unit 1 – The English Legal System

·         Unit 2 – Law in Action

Unit 1 allows students to gain a deep understanding of the definition of law and the importance of law in society, such as the protection and well-being of citizens and possible consequences of what would happen without law.

The course enables students to follow the criminal and civil courts’ processes and have an insight into citizens’ rights and responsibilities, which further allows them to develop a sense of what is right and wrong in society.  In addition students are taught about the various people in the legal sector which enables respect of public services in England.

The unit also covers the sources of English Law which include the impact of the European Union and consider how laws are made through the Parliamentary process and more localised laws through delegated legislation, giving the students an appreciation of how citizens can impact how they are governed through the rule of law.

Unit 2 encourages development and application of students’ knowledge from Unit 1 by looking at specific areas of law, in particular Criminal Law and Family Law. This enables students to further their tolerance of society as they consider the viewpoints of the justice system and society, it also develops their ideas of morals and justice.  Criminal law provides knowledge and understanding of crimes against people and crimes against property and Family law looks at social rights with regards to marriage, divorce, inheritance and child maintenance.

Law Department Staff

Ms King
Head of Department