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Welcome to Geography 

Geography is all about what’s going on in the world and where it’s happening!  It is important to know about some of the major problems the world faces today and how they are shaping our future.  It is up to Geographers to understand and then help solve these problems for the future. 

Geography is a recognized academic subject respected by universities and employers. Geography graduates are employed in occupations as diverse as marketing, advertising, law, sales, finance, education, environmental awareness, civil service, the Foreign Office, the travel industry and journalism. 

Fundamental British values, including democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, and mutual respect and tolerance are actively promoted throughout the Geography curriculum.

We focus on the issue of the multi-cultural nature of Britain and how people feel about being part of the UK. We explore personal links in the UK and Europe and how these might change in the future, the issue of population growth in the UK and the increasing contribution made by immigration as well as reporting in the media, and the accuracy of this. Students also explore issues of equal rights to resources and sustainability in the Middle East and China.