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Welcome to Humanities    

Humanities is at the forefront of an ever changing world and has a huge responsibility in preparing young people for life after school, so analysis, understanding and tolerance is at the heart of our curriculum.

Our aim is to give our learners the skills to become independent, self-motivated, passionate lifelong learners.

We are committed to becoming an outstanding faculty by:

  • Providing fun, exciting and inspiring lessons that allow every student to achieve their full academic potential;
  • Promoting an atmosphere of mutual trust, respect and success for both students and staff;
  • Developing innovative learning methods that make the ‘Humanities experience’ engaging and thought provoking;
  • Supporting students in their moral and spiritual development, and provide them with an opportunity to reflect on the challenging issues of our world;
  • Inspiring students to beat their targets in Humanities. 

The Humanities department promotes essential British values. History students explore the development of democracy and the importance of individual liberty in Britain. In Geography, History and RE, students analyse situations in the UK and the world where British values have been tested. In Law there is a clear focus on how the law works and its importance in British society and in RE lessons messages of tolerance and respect for others are reinforced.

In Years 7 and 8 students learn History, Geography and RE.

In Year 9 students may choose History, Geography as GCSE option subjects that  lead to examination in Y11.


Resilience is a twice weekly intervention in Year 7. It is a time when students are encouraged to develop skills for improved learning as well as for life. It encompasses self awareness, motivation, a growth mindset, social skills and managing feelings. 

It is hoped that by developing 'bounce-back ability', students will learn to overcome setbacks which they will naturally face in life and become more resilient - picking themselves back up again to have another go.