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Year 8

In Year 8 students will study:

  • Ordinary life: What did the Industrial Revolution do for us?
  • Empire: Why were Europeans mad about empires?
  • Spanish Conquest of the Americas
  • British Empire and the slave trade
  • Conflict: Which wars should we know about?
  • Why did William’s invasion in 1066 success?
  • Why did the Spanish Armada fail?
  • Was Nelson the main reason why Napoleon’s invasion failed?
  • Power (Monarchy): When and how did kings lose control.
  • Would you sign Charles I’s death warrant?
  • Medieval Royal Rollercoaster
  • Hot-seating rulers from 1509-1830
  • Why were ideas and attitudes to monarchy changing?
  • Cromwell: why do reputations change over time.
  • Power (Democracy): How did ordinary people win the right to vote?      
  • Declaration of Independence 1776
  • What did the French Revolution achieve?
  • What was wrong with British elections?
  • Peterloo 1819: what did they want and did they get it?
  • The reform riots of 1831: the same story?
  • How did the Chartists try to win the vote?