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Welcome to History                      

We are passionate about our subject, about helping students to enjoy their learning and about them making excellent progress. Our aim is to help students think independently and to develop their analytical skills and enjoyment of the subject both inside and outside the classroom.

We have developed a stimulating curriculum that challenges perceptions, encourages creativity and opinion as well as helps our students to understand the world they live in. We believe that history is vitally important as it fires pupils’ curiosity and imagination and inspires them with dilemmas, choices and beliefs of people in the past.

Our History curriculum promotes essential British values. Students are encouraged to explore and share opinions in a responsible way. They are taught about how democratic rights have developed over time in Britain through enquiries such as ‘Why did the Barons rebel against King John?’  in Year 7 and the English Civil War in Year 8.

Balanced and tolerant views are encouraged. Students explore issues of conflict and co-operation through, for example, studying the First and Second World Wars in Year 9.  We also explore examples of the negative impact of intolerance by studying the Slave Trade in Year 11, students study Northern Ireland and learn about the importance of tolerance of other views and religions in maintaining peace.

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