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Health and Social Care

In Health and Social Care students have the chance to develop skills, qualities and knowledge needed to work in the health and social care sector.  This includes understanding the importance of a person’s needs, careful listening, communication skills, anatomy, physiology and the impact of diet on health. We provide preparation for a wide range of careers within the care field including nursing, social work and working with children in a variety of settings.

We teach BTEC courses which can be completed by students in Key Stage 4 and Key Stage 5.

Health and Social Care BTEC Award:

At Key Stage 4 the course is split over four units which cover a number of different aspects of health and social care. This ranges from the development of a person to nutrition.

Unit 1 – Lifespan Development:

In this unit students will learn how people grow and develop throughout their lives and how factors such as genes, our environment and the people we choose to have relationships with affect this growth and development. This unit is exam based.

Unit 2 – Health and Social Care Values:

This unit aims to show and help students understand the values. This includes treating individuals with dignity and respect, confidentiality and safeguarding individuals to ensure their physical and emotional safety. This is imperative to good health and social care practice. This unit is assessment based.

Unit 3 – Effective Communication in Health and Social Care:

This unit looks at verbal and non-verbal communication methods and helps show students how they can be used effectively in health and social care. Communication is incredibly important when working in health and social care in order to build relationships with a variety of people. This unit is assessment based.

Unit 6 – The Impact of Nutrition on Health and Wellbeing:

This unit shows students how important a healthy diet and exercise is. Students will learn what a balanced diet is and how an unbalanced diet can affect a person’s health. It will also cover how dietary needs change over a lifespan and how different conditions need specific dietary plans and advice.

British Values Business & Enterprise

Health & Social Care

Studying Health and Social Care supports British Values in numerous ways. The course allows students to explore working in care, what that means to an individual and the personal and social responsibility that they undertake. For example; students learn about the six different care values, which underpin all working practices in care. These values are; Respect for the Individual, Confidentiality, Dignity, Safeguarding, Duty of Care and Person-Centred Approach. The main theme of these values not only applies in Health and Social Care settings but can also be applied to everyday life.