Business & Enterprise Department

Welcome to the Business and Enterprise department. We deliver both GCSE and BTEC Business studies and BTEC Health and Social care. These subjects will enable you to develop as enterprising individuals by exploring different business concepts, investigating and analysing business opportunities, making informed business decisions and solving business problems and in the case of Health and Social Care it will enable you to gain a better knowledge and understanding of how people grow and develop throughout the different life-stages.

Overview of the Key Stage 4 Curriculum

In GCSE Business you will study two themes over the three years; Theme One: ‘Investigating a small business’ which looks at enterprise and entrepreneurship, putting business ideas into practice and making the business effective. Theme Two: ‘Building a business’ which looks at making marketing, operational and financial decisions. In BTEC Business you will study four units of work, three of which are internally assessed assignments and one is an external exam. These units are Branding and promotion, Enterprise in the business world, Finance and Recruitment, selection and employment.

How is the course assessed?

For GCSE Business, at the end of the three years you will sit two examinations based on the two themes that you have been studying. Both exams are 1 hour and 30 minutes and are worth 50% each of your overall grade. Both exams will be taken in the May/June of your final year.

In BTEC Business, your written assignments will be assessed for Pass, Merit or Distinction. You have one external assessment which takes place on the computer and is also assessed for Pass, Merit and Distinction.

Benefits of Studying

It will prepare you for the further study of any Business courses e.g. Level 3 qualifications such as GCE Business and moving onto university

The principles of business underpin every shop, office, organisation in the UK economy, meaning that you will have skills and knowledge that will be valued by employers in every sector, these skills include teamwork, working to deadlines and presenting information effectively.

Parent Support for Learning

You do not need to be an expert in any particular subject or indeed have any qualifications to support your child's learning. Every parent can find opportunities to encourage their child's natural inquisitiveness and ability to learn more about the world. After all, it was you who taught them to walk, talk and interact with others. Just as we teach young toddlers how to feed themselves and encourage them to repeat words as they learn to speak, you can encourage an interest in the wider world and support your children to develop their own views about the arts, science and global issues.

Supporting learning in Business Studies:
  • Discuss with your children their work experiences
  • Watch the latest business news
  • Discuss with your children what they have learnt in Business
  • Read the business section of a newspaper
  • Watch business related programmes such as Dragon's Den and The Apprentice