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To report a student absence:

0113 2630110

Call or Text 


At Swallow Hill, student attendance and punctuality is a top priority. We expect all of our students to attend every single day to achieve 100% attendance and the academic success that goes with it. 

We regard 97% as the absolute minimum acceptable attendance. Students falling below this are at serious risk of underachieving and will be referred to our dedicated attendance team. All students must be in their form room by 08.30am. Students arriving after this will be marked as late and issued with a detention in line with the Positive Discipline behaviour policy. 

Student Absence Procedure

If your child is going to be absent from the academy, you must telephone (0113 2630110) on the first day of absence before 8:30am and provide a reason.

  • If you do not contact the academy on the first day, you will receive a text message or phone call. (We will not accept a reply from students as authorisation of absence.
  • After an absence, your child will have a 'return to academy' interview with his/her form tutor. 
  • You will be contacted regularly by phone, letter or home visit if your child's attendance is unsatisfactory. 
  • Persistent poor attendance could result in the legal process being implemented in court. 
  • Absence in term time will only be authorised in exceptional circumstances and written requests should be made to the Principal well in advance of the requested time off. The academy will not authorise holidays during term time and will fine parents £60 per child per adult for taking children out of the academy during term time in line with government rules. 

Research suggests that missing 17 days of school a year results in 1 GCSE grade drop.

Attendance in one school year

Number of lessons missed per year

Number of weeks missed per year 

Number of years missed over 5 years






50 lessons

2 weeks

¼  Year


100 lessons

4 weeks

½  Year


150 lessons

6 weeks

¾ Year


200 lessons

8 weeks

1 Year


300 lessons

12 weeks

1½  Years


400 lessons

16 weeks

2 Years


500 lessons

20 weeks

2½  Years