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The Governing Body

The Governing Body of Swallow Hill plays a vital role in raising academic standards and contributing to the academy. All of our governors share the academies values and ethos and strive to make our best better by ensuring we deliver our students with an education that is fit for purpose and prepares them for the future. 

The governing body consists of the academy principal and governors representing the academies enterprise trust, the local authority, parents and academy staff. We welcome applications from anybody interested in making a positive contribution to the lives of our young people. For further information on becoming a governor, please email us at contactus@swallowhill.org.

Our governing body is currently being reviewed by the Academies Enterprise Trust. As of November 2017, the governing body currently consists of:

  • Julie Price-Grimshaw, AET - Chair of Governors
  • Sue Hawkshaw, AET - Clerk to the Board / Dawn Walters, Principal's PA - Clerk to the Board
  • Kevin Parish, AET - AET School Support Member
  • Jo-Anne Charalambous, Shafton Primary Academy - AET Peer Principal
  • Paul Mundy-Castle, Richmond Park Academy - AET Peer Principal

All correspondence for the governing body should be addressed to Dawn Walters - dwalters@swallowhill.org.